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Should I leave my heating on permanently or use the timer?

It is more cost effective to use a timer to provide heating when you need it rather than leaving it on all the time. Generally, your boiler should not run for over 9 hours in a day unless the weather is extreme.

Should I leave my hot water on permanently or use the timer?

Again, it will always be cheaper to have the hot water on when you need it rather than all the time. Normally it will take 35-45 minutes to heat a tank of hot water.

Should I leave my electric immersion on all the time?

No. If you have gas central heating use this to heat your water. The immersion can be used to ‘top-up’ the tank if required.

Why does my boiler fire on and off?

Your boiler will only ‘fire up’ when your heating and hot water is switched on – when your house reaches the temperature set on the thermostat the ‘firing up’ will stop and ‘die down’ to the pilot light. When the temperature drops the boiler will fire up again.

If I turn my room thermostat up high will it heat my house quicker?

No – if you turn the thermostat up it will heat your house to a higher temperature.

I only use a couple of rooms in the house regularly so is it ok to turn the other radiators off?

This is not recommended as condensation will occur in unused rooms; it is also not good for the heating system and may cause unexpected breakdowns. We recommend that you turn the TRV’s down in rooms which are not in frequent use.

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