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  • Air sourced heating saves money on energy bills and is more efficient than using fossil fuels
  • The individual carbon footprint of a building is reduced by using air sourced heating
  • Air sourced heat is available at a constant temperature, every day of the year
  • Photovoltaic systems actually recoup the energy needed to manufacture them within 1 to 4 years!

Whether you are a committed environmentalist or a keen money saver, renewable energy offers a way to combine your lifestyle with the efficient use of resources.

However, choosing the best option is a little trickier – largely because there is little guidance available to enable you to choose what is appropriate for your home.

So how does renewable energy actually work?

Air source heating can best be described as air conditioning working in reverse and works on the same principle as your fridge. Air is taken into a unit installed on the outside of a building and the heat generated from it is then used to provide hot water for your home and radiators.

Solar energy is provided by sunlight warming the surface of an object. What you may not know is that sunshine has two elements - both light waves and energy in the form of heat. The heat energy is known as ‘thermal’ and the heat it adds to material surfaces can be transferred to, for example, the coils inside a solar water heater which can then be retained for later release.

The light waves within sunlight are called ‘photovoltaic’ – ‘PV’ for short. Solar panels on rooftops attract PV and the light particles captured by the silicon are then ‘altered’ to become an electrical current which is collected and stored in batteries for use within the home - and any excess electricity can be sold back to energy companies!

In essence, if you want to harness natural heat and light, Gaswise are able to design and install a highly economical renewable energy heating system for your home.

Gaining the best advice

Gaswise are specialists in all aspects of domestic and commercial heating systems, but as new forms of energy are being designed, developed and installed, we have maintained a continual quest to keep abreast of 21st century technological innovations within the heating industry.

We've invested time and effort in acquiring a wide-ranging level of expertise in what may be called ‘new energy sources’. Primarily, these divide into just a few, separate groups – Air Sourced, Solar and Thermal. Each has its own particular merits but, when designed by Gaswise specifically considering the most effective solution for your home or business, the overall impact on your environment can be immense. Your comfort remains complete with warmth and hot water in abundance; your costs are reduced after an initial outlay and you can reduce your carbon footprint dramatically.

Gaswise continually examines options and opportunities to increase the availability of this advanced technology to its customers. If you are looking for a sustainable, economic and efficient source of heating and hot water we can ensure you make the right choices to benefit from moving toward using renewable energy sources.

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Mark Neal

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