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  • RAPID RESONSE Fully qualified & highly experienced engineers to evaluate, solve or make safe gas equipment
  • OVER 30 YEARS As one of our clients you can confidently rely that every property you are responsible for remains compliant
  • REGULAR TRAINING Our highly qualified team receive regular training & ongoing development at our own Training Centre
  • SCHEDULED SERVICING Comprehensive service planning plus wide range of parts ensuring speedy repairs & response

When a tenant has a gas related problem you need immediate action to be taken. Gaswise has its own, dedicated call centre staff that will quickly deploy a fully qualified and highly experienced operative to evaluate, solve or make safe gas appliances.

You can have full confidence that system planning, installations, servicing and emergency response will be fully available and promptly delivered on an individual or contract basis.

Gaswise has delivered over thirty years of consistent, high quality service to public and private sector clients. We have provided gas certification, annual servicing, maintenance, repairs and installation services to housing authorities for over thirty years. As one of our clients your organisation can confidently rely on the systematic and well managed programming of servicing and maintenance. You will receive regular accurate reports and be assured that every property you are responsible for remains compliant with all current regulations.

Gaswise operatives are highly qualified and receive regular training and ongoing development at our own Gas Training Centre – a separate but linked business.

Programmed and Responsive Maintenance, Servicing and Installations

Gaswise operate a comprehensive system of installation, maintenance  and servicing for all types of gas equipment and appliances. We have extensive experience of successfully delivering public sector contracts, including installations, upgrades, repairs, maintenance and servicing of gas appliances and equipment on a scheduled basis and stock a comprehensive range of parts to ensure speedy repairs when an emergency response is required.

Mark Neal
Mark Neal

Paul Neal
Paul Neal

We are experienced in providing regular reporting through integrated communication and IT systems detailing successful access servicing visits any non-access issues. We undertsand that you have a duty of care for every residential property, and the people who live in them, and we are highly experienced to support you in ensuring that every property is maintained in accordance with legislation.

As a public sector manager responsible for housing stock and tenants you will need to have a consistent contact to liaise with as and when required. At Gaswise the first lines of contact are Mark Neal and Paul Neal who are responsible for ensuring that all services provided by our employees are successfully delivered in accordance with the requirements of the specific contract.

Mark and Paul are highly skilled heating engineers, company Directors and experienced professionals who, with the support of dedicated management teams, work on a daily basis with public sector clients across East Anglia.

Public Sector Contracts Area Served

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